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jasper fearnley


Jasper Fearnley Photographed by Charlie Ashfield

Jasper Fearnley is an artist, designer, and maker. From childhood, she has always experimented with different creative mediums and methods of image creation. From painting and drawing to screen printing, photography, and textiles. 


Jasper graduated RMIT in 2017 with a Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours), with her graduate collection 'Life Hangs by a Thread' awarded the MFW Student Design Award (Runner Up). Jasper continues to explore the design world as a multidisciplinary artist,  investing more time into photography and graphic design, co-founding and acting as Editor in Chief of annual print magazine Good Material Magazine (2018 - 2020). 

Jasper has gone on to study a Diploma of Live Production (Costume Design) at Melbourne Polytechnic, graduating in 2021, an amalgamation of her love of both film and fashion. Along with returning to tertiary education, Jasper began to learn the art of rug making, also known as 'tufting', launching her online store that sells tufted decor and accessories.


 From here there is only room to grow, and Jasper wishes to continue her exploration of image and art making in as many creative facets as possible.


Student Designer Award - Melbourne Fashion Week 2017, Runner up.

Honours Project Award - Highly Commended, 2017.

Veolia Mulwaree Trust - Creative Arts Scholarship, 2016.


RAGE - Music Videos featured on ABC RAGE 2019-2021

MFW- Graduate Collection selected for inclusion in Student Runway, 2017.

ASVOFF - 'Colour Me In' Shortlisted for inclusion, 2016.

ARTEXPRESS - HSC VA Major Work, 2014.

DESIGNTECH - HSC DT Major Work, 2016



Dog Photog Studios

Second Stitch

Jamie My Love

BUSH Music Festival

ATP Tour

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