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Third Year Collection

In an odd contradiction, clothing that is considered ‘revealing’ can more often than not also be considered ‘restrictive’. Tight and revealing garments such as underwear, corsets, jeans and skirts are both physically and socially confining. Entrapped by these garments, the body is left temporarily marked by pressure points exerted by straps and seams, whilst the unwanted judgemental gaze of strangers can leave one less temporarily assailed. Consider the button down shirt as an example. A staple garment of the corporate world, the shirt features cuffs and a collar, the very language itself connoting ideas about restrictiveness and control, whilst the shirt itself is loose and free flowing.

It is this contradiction between restriction and revelation that has informed this body of work. Through the manipulation of ties, buttons and openings, the garment layers are peeled back , revealing the wearer beneath. Playing with the concept of a tailored garment, made with minimal yet substantial fabrics with a plainness of cut and finish, the interest lies in the bonded un-sewn seams and gaping openings, the wearers skin becoming as important as the garment itself. Framing portions of flesh, the garments act as partitions between the outer world and intimate interior places.

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