An interaction between three characters, each portrayed as individual shades from the visible colour spectrum. As children we are frequently asked "what is your favourite colour?". But instead 'Colour Me In' begs a different question: "If you were a colour, what would you be?". Through colour in garment we are able to create and express different identities. 

Shortlisted for ASVOFF - A Shaded View of Fashion Film Festival 2017

Director and Editor: Jasper Fearnley
Starring: Eve Fraser, Ewan Clarke-Mcintyre, Rachael Roberts and Cherry the Bunny
Narrator: Gabriel Aloisio
Director of Photography: Jasper Fearnley
Hair and Makeup: Sammi Guss
Wardrobe and Styling: Jasper Fearnley
Music: 'Parisian' by Kevin Macleod

With special thanks to Maggie Campbell-Jones, Jasmine Flannery and Kristelle Leary

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